Non Fungible Token

OpenSea is the largest marketplace for digital assets trading on the Ethereum blockchain. Are you looking for a modern investment with high return potential? Then World of Sepia with its unique NFT's is just right for your portfolio.

Virtual reallity

After a free registration on you can virtually experience the World of Sepia. All images are directly connected to OpenSea and can be purchased as NFT.

Roadmap 2022

What is a roadmap?

A roadmap publicly shows the goals of an NFT project. It helps the investor decide whether a project is a worthwhile investment. 

Digital brand

When you buy a World of Sepia NFT, you are not only investing in a passionate art project, but also in a unique brand.

Long-term project

The World of Sepia is a long-term project. By the end of 2022, over 50 NFT's will be available for sale.  Work on the OpenSea NFT Collection is ongoing. 


Created by one, owned by all. The real team is the global community working together to create a digital brand to future. The idea is to mine magic internet money together with friends. 


In the physical world, you can already find fan merchandise in the form of posters, t-shirts, puzzles, mugs and many other products. The assortment is constantly being expanded there.  

Book project

The first 50 NFT's will be featured in a book for collectors and art lovers. Your purchased NFT is then printed in a book available through Amazon.  

Virtual reallity

The virtual world has the greatest growth potential of all time. Since May 2022, all NFT's can be viewed in a virtual gallery on


 In the future, part of the revenue will be used to buy digital land on decentraland to expand further.